Investment Group Review Of EthConnect ICO Is This A Scam?

The Bigot Amboise investment group is keen on making sure that our group members and individual investors make the most amount of money possible from their cryptocurrency investments. When searching for our next project we came across EthConnect.

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EthConnect may sound like a familiar word as its name is very similar to the very established BitConnect, and they are owned by the same people: the MMM group. If you check the nameservers on EthConnect’s website you’ll find that the nameservers are pointed towards MMM’s website, this shows that its owned by the same people that run BitConnect.

EthConnect will be launching their own coin token this month and will also be launching their platform in the next few days. We hope that this product will be succesful as their previous company Bitconnect has changed the lives of many and given tons of profit to its hard working members.

We expect that the EthConnect coin will be able to multiply its value many times and this will all be dependant on if the ICO is successful and if the platform has working wallets and lending completed.

The EthConnect platform will be taking over mostly over November and we are expecting rapid growth over the first few days. As RegalCoin was able to sell out during the ICO period we are expecting the same from EthConnect a sell out is almost guaranteed however the speed of which it sells out can be questioned.

To double your Bitcoin investments in just a few months we recommend you focus on getting your EthConnect early, as the later you are to the party the more risky it can be for you as an investor.

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