Levoit Humidifier Review

All of our bodies lose the humidity and the moisturizer while we are asleep. To avoid it from happening it is better to invest in an efficient humidifier. Presently the most popularly known similar product is the Levoit Humidifier. This device is extremely easy to be used and also takes care of the user’s convenience while functioning. The Levoit humidifier performs much better than any other we’ve seen and we can honestly say this is the best room humidifier.


Levoit HumidifierThis humidifier is meant to offer you greater functioning hours because of the large water tank capacity that it has. It also has to offer you the filter less vaporization for creating better breathable environment in your home. It does not cause any disturbance while you sleep and works without causing any kind of noise at all. It is meant to shut-off automatically when detects lack of water; it can be due to both water tank removal and the sensed lower water levels. It surely is able to provide you the prolonged and consistent humidification because of the large water capacity that it has. This device also has an in-built night light. It is given to provide you even the operation at night and allow you to get the soothing relaxation that is required. This humidifying unit is extremely easy to clean and use as well. Also, all the safety measures have been taken care of properly without compromising with the quality itself. This device comes along with an additional two year long warranty.


  • This device is able to offer you the quiet functionality without affecting the quality of your sleep.
  • It also offers you different mist settings to control its direction, speed as well as the warmth and coldness of the mist.
  • This device comes along with a LED display screen. This is meant to show you the relative humidity.
  • You can easily use this machine with the help of the remote and control all its operations easily without any problem.
  • The huge capacity of water tanks enable you to get the prolonged usage hours.
  • It is extremely easy to clean as well as set-up.


  • The display is slightly brighter at the night than the other similar products.


The Levoit Humidifier surely is a better choice to make keeping in mind all the features that this device has to provide you. The bright light is not that a big of problem as it can easily be compensated by the relaxation and soothing feeling that it conveys.

Reviewing Smart Node ICO

The Bigot Amboise investment group is keen on making sure that our group members and individual investors make the most amount of money possible from their cryptocurrency investments. When searching for our next project we came across Smart Node.

smart node icoIf you are looking to grow your investment quickly and want an 10% SIGNUP BONUS for Smart Node then CLICK HERE and we will credit your account with the appropriate % extra.

Smart Node may sound like a familiar word as its name is very similar to the very established Etheera, and they are owned by the same people: the MMM group. If you check the nameservers on Smart Node’s website you’ll find that the nameservers are pointed towards MMM’s website, this shows that its owned by the same people that run Etheera.

Smart Node will be launching their own coin token this month and will also be launching their platform in the next few days. We hope that this product will be succesful as their previous company Etheera has changed the lives of many and given tons of profit to its hard working members.

We expect that the Smart Node coin will be able to multiply its value many times and this will all be dependant on if the ICO is successful and if the platform has working wallets and lending completed.

The Smart Node platform will be taking over mostly over November and we are expecting rapid growth over the first few days. As RegalCoin was able to sell out during the ICO period we are expecting the same from Smart Node a sell out is almost guaranteed however the speed of which it sells out can be questioned.

To double your Bitcoin investments in just a few months we recommend you focus on getting your Smart Node early, as the later you are to the party the more risky it can be for you as an investor.

Chef’s Secret – How to Cook Large Quantities of Rice

In the restaurant world we cook rice in great quantities and it must be perfect and look pretty. If you don’t know how to cook rice in quantity you better ask the chef because if you mess up it might cost you your job or at the least you will be the object of ridicule.

Use good long grained rice. Better brands like Uncle Ben’s has been washed at the factory, cheaper types, including bulk oriental brands need to be washed and rinsed well to eliminate starch on the kernel and dirt and debris from the product.

In a large saucepan sauté a small dice of onion, carrot and celery (or pulse these in a food processor), this is called a mirepoix, use one cup for each four cups of raw rice. Sauté 2 cups of the veggies in oil or butter until they begin to soften add eight cups of raw rice and continue to cook until all the rice is coated with oil and the vegetables are well incorporated. If you want to color the rice now is the time to add strands of saffron (if you are wealthy) or a tablespoon of turmeric (if you are frugal) stir until the rice yellows. Put the rice mixture into a 4 inch deep half hotel pan (or other similar casserole dish) add 12 cups salted water or stock. Cover the hotel pan with foil and put it into a 350 degree oven for 45 minutes. Even better than an oven is a professional pressurized steamer, steam heat eliminates any possibility that any kernels will dry out. When you take the rice out of the oven immediately take off the foil covering, when the trapped steam disperses fluff the rice with a large serving spoon. The rice is ready for service or will hold for hours on a steam table or double boiler.